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I know you need food to live, but I've always needed books to live well. This may be cliché, but books have changed (and saved) my life. 

Whenever I was lonely or my parents were fighting, I could read and escape into a completely different world. I read everything I could get my hands on, from fairy tales to Plato's Republic. To this day I can't limit myself to one genre-- not even fiction or nonfiction!-- I read as widely as I can.

Food for me, as for most people, has always been tied to family. After my parent's divorce, my mom went back to school. I was so proud of her! The only thing I could do to help was cook. So I did! I would hold my own one-woman cooking show, preparing recipes I found in books and magazines for my mom on the nights she had class. My mother always supported my vegetarianism and, now that I've gone vegan, she is my biggest advocate! She sends me recipes and we still share our love of food.

My love of books inspired my vegan journey. After reading Jonathan Safran Foer's Eating Animals, I couldn't lie to myself about the dairy and poultry industries anymore. But my love of food has made the challenge of cooking vegan for my friends and family invigorating! The limitations are exciting!

Rarely do great loves intersect, but this blog is dedicated to books and food-- and my mom, too.

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