Plastic Planet: Our Zero Waste Journey

One of the main reasons I hear people say they could never go vegan (aside from the eternally hilarious "because bacon lol") is because of how much time it takes to make a meal.

 I disagree, but I understand. It takes the same amount of time to cook a vegan meal as it would to cook a nonvegan meal. Rather, it takes time to get used to the lifestyle. Living in any new headspace takes some adjustment and going vegan is no different.

  Our food impacts every aspect of our lives-- from how we relate to others to how we feel at work. 

I made the shift to vegan because every time I put something on my plate I would be haunted by all the gory details of what happened to my food (and it's impact on other people and the environment) before it made it there. Now it's the same thing with plastic.

But how do you get away from plastic? It's ubiquitous.

 My zero waste journey started when a friend recommended Fairly Local Vegan's YouTube channel. I like her updates and her perspective and I really take point from the way she approaches the process with grace. She also understands the challenges when you have no time, when you're far away from a bulk store and don't have a car, or when you medically can't avoid waste. She's awesome.

With this kind of realistic and compassionate approach, it's possible to go plastic free or at least low plastic. My husband is also really cool about this. He says, "Some days we can't save the world; we just have to get through the day." (I'll stop there and leave out his anti-corporation/anti-industrial fishing diatribe.) They're both right.

We might not be fully zero waste just yet but we're trying.

 I've been making bi-monthly treks to Newark Natural Foods Co-Op, combining shopping trips with family visits to get the most out of the travel. We are so spoiled to have such a wonderful bulk store so close! I tried shopping at Whole Foods when I visited my Grammy and they imploded over having to enter tare weights and sometimes their system wouldn't even allow them to enter the correct weight. I've never had a problem at Newark Natural Foods. They're friendly and their Sunday Farmer's Market is the best in Delaware. They even have fresh mushrooms from Kennett Square!

I'm looking forward to sharing more zero and low waste, somewhat easy recipes here. Stay tuned and let me know what you've been trying out lately! I'm always looking for new inspiration in the kitchen.

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