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I dropped off the planet last year because I became a mom. I kept meaning to come back and talk about things like prenatals, vegan pregnancy, and nutrition but I got caught up in the preparations, maternity leave, and morning sickness.

Here is my round up of the vegan pregnancy essentials. These are the things that got me through and I hope they will help someone else, too:

  1. Earth Mama’s 100% Organic Morning Wellness Tea My husband would brew me a cup of this every morning to drink before I got out of bed.
  2. Angela Liddon’s Prenatals Post  I didn’t take all of the supplements she listed here because my bloodwork for calcium and iron were already optimal. I did, however, take the omega, the D3, and the B12. All of these were recommended by my midwife as well.
  3. The Everything Vegan Pregnancy Book I read this to back up what I learned in my other book and to get some great healthy recipes.
  4. Vegan Pregnancy Survival Guide This was the book I referred to the most. It gave some basic nutrition advice and had some good information about how to prep for labor.
  5. The Bump App This app was the most interesting to use just to see how things were progressing and what I could expect that week.

I also looked at a lot of medical studies. For example, did you know black licorice can be harmful for baby’s development? There was a small study in Finland that found it could cause learning disabilities later on. I also learned about the importance of choline. Of course, one of the best sources of choline is in eggs, but I managed to get enough with my Baby and Me 2 prenatal and snacking on edamame or pepitas. I wish I had found out about dates sooner though, since I only started eating them about a week before my due date.

Anyway, there is my obligatory I was a pregnant vegan post! My doctors were really supportive of the vegan diet but I got a lot of unsolicited advice from people outside of the medical profession. It made me really self-conscious, to the point where I requested a dietician, just to be safe. My midwife asked me why I wanted a dietician, since my bloodwork was fantastic and my weight gain was perfectly on track. When I told her why, her response was perfect: “People need to mind their business.” That’s right, random coworker, my doctor said to shut up. 

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